Galleries - July 2019

PIERS FEETHAM GALLERY CHRIS HEDLEY-DENT A SENSE OF SPACE 10 th – 14 th September Chris Hedley-Dent returns to London after a successful showing at the Untitled Art fair in 2016.This Devon based painter has created a very broad selection of work for his forthcoming exhibition ‘A Sense of Space’ at the Piers Feetham Gallery in September. The paintings created in the last three years are explorations of the Devon Landscape, Morocco, Spain, the Austrian Alps and still life genre. When asked about his personal inspiration he says “I am interested in the territory which lies between abstraction and figuration. I have learnt from many different traditions and Cubism has been particularly important as I am interested in presenting multiple viewpoints”. Some of the paintings reflect his interest in Islamic art and musical structures. Lovers of the Devon landscape may recognise views from Dartmoor and the River Teign that were painted on site and range from closely observed works to more concise paraphrases. These studies form the basis for larger, freer and more abstract pieces. Walking is a key part of Chris’s experience of landscape and the Austrian series distils the experience of walking in the mountains and captures the sheerness of the mountain forms and vertiginous sense of space. The paintings based on a recent a recent Morocco trip communicate the extraordinary and mysterious architecture in Marrakesh, particularly “the contrasts of the almost claustrophobic and tunnel like nature of the medina with open sun lit spaces of the large squares”. They develop ideas started in the Spanish series. This dynamic and colourful one-man show well reflects Chris’s multi faceted interests and approaches Chris Hedley-Dent has lived in Devon since 1995 and taught part time for many years. He has exhibited widely over his career in London and Devon and recent exhibitions include The ‘Untitled Art Fair, London (2016),The South West Academy (2017),The Chagford Inn, Chagford (2018) . He is a poet and keen amateur jazz and classical pianist. He is preparing a selection of poems, many of which are based on his experience as a painter for publication in 2020. The Piers Feetham Gallery is open Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday 10am -12.30pm Website: Instagram:chrishedleydentartist Contact: 07747309191 Email: