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POP, PIN-UPS & MOSAICS - Peter Phillips

Whitford Fine Art is pleased to present a selection of works by British Pop Artist Peter Phillips. Following a sell-out show of early works in 2004, our new exhibition entitled Pop, Pin-Ups & Mosaics, will show 1960’s works through to contemporary, the majority of which have never been exhibited before.

One of the few artists of his generation to have readily accepted the label ‘Pop’, Phillips consistently produced throughout his career works containing pin-up imagery, juxtaposed with machines, cars and geometric forms. These elements, which initially appear disconnected, reveal on closer inspection a strong link: ‘They complemented each other’, said Phillips on the contrast between female sensuality and mechanical beauty. Similar relations appear in the fun-fair and game machines elements, which Phillips largely addressed in his works of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Pin –Up # 35, 2001

Art-O-Matic Riding High, 1973

The use of a grid as a compositional device remains present in Phillips mosaics and collages until the present day. The artist continues to readdress his favoured motifs – cars, pin-ups, animals, advertising imagery, geometrical shapes and patterns – though re-exploring them with a different spirit. His use of multi-pictorialism in which images are loaded with information and cross reference, instigates the viewer to find hidden meanings and layers: ‘I really dislike a painting when it’s logical’, stated Phillips.

Mastering different techniques, Phillips’s playful, sensuous and desirable works manage to convey throughout the decades the very essence of Pop.

Peter Phillips was born in Birmingham in 1939. He has lived in America, Switzerland and Mallorca and has been represented in all major Pop Art exhibitions.

A fully illustrated catalogue will accompany the exhibition. Works are for sale with prices ranging from £3,000 – £120,000

EXHIBITION DATES: Wednesday, 19th September – Friday, 19th October 2007

PREVIEW: Tuesday, 18th September 2007 - 6pm to 8pm

Whitford Fine Art is open Monday to Friday, 10am to 6pm

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Mosaic Cross # 4, 2002