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Autumn Exhibition

September 16 October 14 2006

An exhibition of exciting new work by two of our gallery artists. Sculpture and ceramics by Peter Beard, paintings by Cornish based Simon Pooley. The work of these totally individual artists show together with great harmony, strength of colour and structure; both underpinned by masterly technique.



For me painting in the studio is about memory, I seldom use my observational drawings for reference, once I've made a drawing I've concreted that experience in my mind.  In the studio I can recall my response to a place or object more easily through the experience of having drawn it, but the memories become distilled over time; an unconscious editing process takes place. Often what remains of the original image is archetypal.

The impulse to begin a painting is usually a very small thing - perhaps a relationship between two elements of different shapes and colours and the tension that is created by their juxtaposition. Such juxtaposition creates a spatial complexity that has a psychological dimension; because of this it has the potential to express my response to a place or object that I have drawn.  The time lapse between drawing and painting is unpredictable.  I have recently been making paintings of Barcelona where I stayed last September. I have also been painting Egyptian works, although I haven't been to Egypt since 1986.

Simon Pooley


'Lobster Pots'





























'Catalan Beach Townhouse'


'Pink Disc'
































'Blue Shell'




New paintings SIMON POOLEY


Work always available by gallery artists including: Sandra Blow RA, Terry Frost RA, Breon O'Casey,

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Open Monday Saturday 10am 5.30pm

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Peter Beard creates works of art in ceramics, bronze and stone which combine technical skill with innovation, craftsmanship with ingenuity, passion with intellect. Each piece is unique and intriguing, each invites us to look and feel, to make associations with personal experiences and recall memories from our past. They truly feed the senses and give delight.


This is the work of a mature artist, drawing on years of experience and yet it is ever innovative and inventive. This is evident in his recent work in bronze and stone, where the same intellectual and creative processes are applied to materials with very different qualities to those of ceramics, with stunning success.


The winner of many prestigious international awards, and with works collected and shown by major galleries and museums across the world, Peter Beard's reputation as an exceptional artist is well established and his works are highly acclaimed and eagerly sought after.

    David Dewing, Director, Geffrye Museum, London




New ceramics and sculpture PETER BEARD




Friday 15 September 6.30pm 9.00pm

Open Weekend

Saturday 16 September 10.00am 5.30pm

Sunday 17 September 11.00am 4.00pm