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HIGHGATE FINE ART 26 Highgate High Street London N6 5JG

Landscape: Abstract and Real

Eliza Andrewes and Liz Polunin

October 4th - October 21st

Eliza and Liz are friends. They almost share the same name (Liz's married name is Andrews). They are both passionate about expressing their joy of landscape on canvas. But that is where the similarities end.

Abstract and Real is a show depicting two very different approaches to reproducing the elements each artist loves.

Eliza Andrewes captures the majesty of the mountains and screes of Cumbria and her beloved Hampstead Heath with an ethereal touch. The tantalising effect of the sky and sunlight is paramount in her paintings; skies have always fascinated her as they form an integral part of every landscape and form the palette and tone for her work. The play of light is an important aspect of this current body of work, the capture of a fleeting moment as light strikes the scree face or shimmers through the branches only to focus on the immediacy and strength of the form it haloes.

Eliza paints against the sunlight, so tones and hues form important parts in the building up of the painting, working in thin layers 'underlining the transparent colour... in versions of the same hue' allows her to delicately create the large canvases that she will be presenting.

Liz Polunin has a highly tactile reaction to landscape. She is less concerned with exacting a likeness of a place rather than the dynamic rhythm and underlying feeling it provokes. This is interpreted in heavily applied acrylic, with passionate strokes and splashes of colour. It is rich and succulent, free and expressive. It is a personal statement of what she has witnessed far beyond a description. Liz paints what she feels, she is fascinated by what happens to paint and colour on the canvas, paper or board; the integrity and risk of a fiercely applied mark or a juicy slash of paint to depict a scene, whether imagined or real.

There will be some 50 paintings at the gallery on view over two floors. Highgate Fine Art is in the heart of London's beautiful Highgate Village in a small Georgian building offering a particularly friendly and unassuming environment.

Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday 10am-6pm

Archway Underground Buses: 143, 210 271

Contact: Noel Oddy or Laurie MacLaren

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