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3rd to 24th August


ZeST Gallery, London's top destination for contemporary glass art, is showcasing the work of nine innovative British glass artists who have joined forces with established glassmaker Adam Aaronson to push the boundaries of their work. 


The artists met while studying on a post graduate course at Central St. Martins, London's leading art school, and while they work on a variety of projects they all normally use kiln formed glass techniques. Bowls of St. Martins shows a selection of their work alongside their first ever freeblown pieces, created in an intensive workshop session with Adam and his team, giving them huge scope for experimentation. This exhibition presents a unique opportunity to see the diverse and exciting results that can be achieved through the versatility of glass.


'When I saw their work I was so impressed that I wanted to see how it would develop if they had the rare opportunity to work with blown glass. It was a very stimulating event and the maturity of the results is remarkable.'

Adam Aaronson


 'It was a fabulous opportunity for us to explore working with glass in such a fluid way.  I was struck by how instant the hot glass process is in comparison to kiln forming. We are so used to working with cold flat sheets, blocks, strings and powders etc., and never directly manipulating the glass as a fluid substance.  I felt it was the most exciting working day of my life, because it made a material that we are all passionate about and very familiar with, suddenly fresh and new.'

Lucy Batt


The artists featured in the exhibition are:













ZeST Gallery continues Adam's aim to bring outstanding British and international glass to a wider audience through an exciting, changing exhibition programme alongside an extensive permanent collection of Adam's own work. 


Visitors are also able to see the adjacent glass studio, where Adam makes his critically acclaimed work, and will enjoy a fascinating insight into the skilled process of glass making.



Entrance is free and all designs are available to buy from ZeST Gallery.






For images, artist biographies or further information on the exhibition and Adam Aaronson, please contact Nell Reid on 020 7610 1900 or email


ZeST Gallery is open:

Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm





Notes to editors:




Adam Aaronson

For more than 25 years, aside from making his own glass, Adam Aaronson has been discovering and promoting emerging artists, including many who are now established glass artists, such as Tessa Clegg, Anna Dickinson and many others. He has always offered residencies and internships to both British and international artists and continues to support new glass talent by working collaboratively with artists, encouraging their use of hot glass in his studio.


Zest Gallery

ZeST Gallery opened in September 2003 to exhibit cutting edge contemporary glass art. It showcases the work of renowned glass artists as well as new faces on the scene.


Aaronson Noon Glass Studio

Adam AaronsonÕs studio runs half-day glass blowing courses offering an exciting and intensive experience aimed at introducing beginners or novices to the wonders of hot glass. Further information available from / 020 7610 1900.


Kiln Formed Glass

Most contemporary fusing methods involve stacking or layering thin sheets of glass, often using different colors to create patterns or simple images. The stack is then placed inside the kiln and heated through a series of rapid heating cycles and holding the temperature at a specific point until the separate pieces begin to bond together.


Freeblown Glass

A highly skilled hand working process of forming glass into shapes while the glass is in a molten, semi-liquid state. Made by blowing a glass bubble on the end of a hollow tube, a blowpipe. The glass is then shaped into a vase, bottle, glass or other objects by using iron tools, spinning, pinching and rolling.


Central St Martins

Central Saint Martins has a distinguished international reputation and offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive ranges of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts and design in the country.