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Press Release

Sculptor Hamish Mackie’s

Major Solo Show

Venue: The Gallery in Cork Street, 28 Cork Street, London, W1S 3NG

Opens: Monday 22 October 2007

Closes: Saturday 3 November 2007

Opening times: Monday to Friday, 10:00am-6:30pm

Saturday and Sunday, 10:00am-4:00pm

Or by prior arrangement


Contact details: e-mail:

Mobile: 07971 028 098

Summary: Second major solo show set up and run by Hamish and his wife Laura (last solo exhibition being in 2004).

Displaying over 40 new bronze works by the artist.

Prices range from £500-23,000.

Largely a self-taught sculptor, Hamish has been sculpting as a career since 1996 and is steadily establishing himself as one of the top wildlife sculptors in UK. Hamish’s first solo show in 2004 sold over 80 bronzes and since then he has been working in and around the UK, concentrating on commissions and putting together a collection of work for this 2007 solo exhibition. In May of this year he travelled to Spain and Portugal to observe and sculpt fighting bulls and Andalucian horse, the resulting sculptures will be included in this exhibition.

Hamish is a member of the Royal British Sculptural Society and he has work in collections both in the UK and around the world, recent commissions include ‘Chalky’ for Rick Stein and Fossil Hybrid for The Gilbane Development Company - Seaside Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Hamish is currently in the process of building a purpose built studio in Oxfordshire. All his work is cast using the lost wax method at the Lockbund Sculpture Foundry, near Banbury.


Inspiration stems from the natural world. “I mull over ideas in my head for weeks before starting. I always try to work from life/death, observing the subject from every angle to help capture ‘what makes it’. I have always tried to study animals in their natural environment, nothing beats watching grouse on the moor, deer in a wood, or observing a heard of elephant in the bush. I have being charged by an elephant and chased up a tree by a black rhino!”


In his work Hamish experiments with texture and he has always been intrigued that it is possible to cast a fingerprint into bronze. He likes to leave a history in the surface as to how the sculpture was made. Whether the push of his palm running down a cheetah’s powerful leg, or the craggy texture of the roaring stag, or the delicate feathering on his snipe portray the animals character. The results range from incredibly loose to almost obsessive tightness, both capturing his subject without loosing the anatomical form and proportion. The vigour and energy Hamish creates in his work contrasts with the solidity of bronze and the outcomes are dramatic, powerful and full of movement and life.

Hamish’s sculptures are further enhanced by the bronze patination, which he does himself at the foundry. He uses bronze as a material and is not necessarily tied to the ‘traditional brown’ patination when there are so many alternatives. No two patinas are identical – almost impossible when flicking, dribbling and brushing chemicals onto a canvas of hot bronze


Please contact Hamish if you would like high resolution images.

Press Release - Hamish Mackie Solo Sculpture Exhibition 2007 mobile: 07971 028 098

Manor Farm Barn, Station Road, Hook Norton, Oxfordshire, OX15 5LU