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Equus Caballus…

Or the Horse, to you and me - Horse, Pony, Foal, Racehorse, Eventer, Polo Pony, Cob, Hunter, Hack, Donkey, Zebra?! All are celebrated at the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Equestrian Artists with a show featuring over 300 works of art, paintings, sculpture and original print.

A little bit of the countryside comes to London each year in this showcase event, featuring the work of leading international equestrian artists Malcolm Coward,

Neil Cawthorne, Barrie Linklater, Mary Herbert, Janette Lockett and many more.

Entitled from Classic to Contemporary and offering works to suit all tastes and budgets, the show is supported by thirteen major sponsors offering Awards for Excellence in each field.

From classic studies to fluid impressions, cool bronzes to striking contemporary canvases, frenzies of colour to the clean lines of bold print, all are represented in this most comprehensive show.

The Horse has inspired artists for generations, with their grace and beauty, strength and agility and their special place in our human world. No longer the beast of burden, the horse is now best recognised for the pleasure it gives.

From the frenzy of the start, to the last gasp of the winning post – the racing picture captures it all. Toiling in the mid-day sun, the working horse, our most noble beast, ploughs his way gently across the landscape of an earlier age. Horseguards - and the sound of the band - the majestic steeds, on duty, no stepping out of line. The filly foal, nestling into her mother, ‘dare I take a step away?’

The Society of Equestrian Artists was formed almost thirty years ago to encourage the study of equine art. In 2008 it has more than five hundred members from all over Europe together with artists from the USA, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand who represent the very best in international equestrian art.

Virtually all works are for sale. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Society of Equestrian Artists 29th Annual Exhibition

The Mall Galleries, London SW1

Monday 14 July – Saturday 19 July 2008

tel 07930 440943

Silhouette - Sally Lancaster

Dinky - Lucy Kinsella

Elan - Sally Martin