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Daring Beauties' - Exhibition of Sculpture by Maria Pandeli

Girtannerhause Gallery

17–29 July 2006

Private Viewing: Tuesday 18 July 2006


Artist Maria Pandeli was born in Islington to Greek Cypriot parents.  She originally exhibited solo at St Martins Lane, Central London, and has since sold her work internationally to influential clients in America, Spain, Cyprus, Sweden and the UK.


Pandeli is passionate about her new collection of sculptures, ' Daring Beauties,' as she believes the human form to be the most beautiful creation of nature.  Mainly a figurative artist, whose models are shaped with a gifted touch and much imagination, her work is sometimes classic, sometimes raunchy and raw, but always revealing a great sensitivity.  You see not only the male or female body, but gain an insight into the artist's character, with the delightful expression of humour and quirkiness.  Her models are not just inanimate objects, they are works of love.


"… I close my eyes and feel the work transform through touch and emotion, the earthy raw material, the clay, the wood or stone will come alive at my fingertips…"



'Golden Syrup'


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