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PRESS RELEASE is a splendid new online gallery that has attracted the attention on some of the most distinguished printmakers working in Britain today.

They are enticed to showcase their best work on the slick new website because it is not just another shameless attempt to sell artwork but proposes to raise the profile of printmaking and to introduce the medium to a whole new audience.

The individually selected artists are all printmakers who are at the top of their profession and producing a variety of remarkable cutting edge prints at affordable prices.

Printmaking as an art form uses traditional methods and techniques, however, many of the artists profiled on the site are pushing back the boundaries of these techniques and producing remarkable images that could grace the walls of any home.

Anyone visiting the site will be astounded by the variety of the work on show. This illustrates just how flexible printmaking can be and that prints offer something for anyone, making them an ideal, affordable gift for a loved one, whatever their artistic tastes.