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New paintings and sculpture from Phillippa Clayden, Carol Corell, Denzil Forrester and Alan John


      The Gallery in Cork Street, Mayfair.   23-28th June


“Paintings and sculptures flow forward to more natural forms … the creative responses are nursed out of the shadows without force, allowing the materials to develop a life of their own, and a great trust in our collective memory.” QUAD Artists, 2008




Four well established, prize winning artists with an impressive body of work come together for QUAD, an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture at The Gallery in Cork Street, at the centre of London’s art trading area, in June.



Phillippa Clayden, Carol Corell, Denzil Forrester and Alan John were initially drawn together when they established Artists in Action, an umbrella group which encompasses their various ideas and approaches to art and its power to inspire, transform and heal. Artists In Action methods have been used in a series of extraordinarily successful projects over several decades.


A broad range of paintings and sculpture will be on display in Cork Street, with opportunities to talk to the artists and explore the many aspects of their work.



Phillippa Clayden

With 10 solo, and numerous group exhibitions, to her name, Phillippa has also won both the Dorothy Morgan Prize and the Landseer Prize. Her paintings are noted for their unusual and breathtaking imagery combined with a stunning layered effect, which is built from a powerful instinctive link to the world of the unconscious and of myth.


Art critic John Russell Taylor, who has written several of her catalogues, says of her work: “In every sense, literal and metaphorical, Clayden’s work is many-layered. Its impact on the emotions and the instincts is powerfully immediate, but one can come back to it again and again, and see new subtleties without loosing at all the first amazing impact – the sense of simplicity behind the subtlety behind the simplicity.”


Phillippa is founder of Young Visions, a unique method of teaching and creating, which she has used in a variety of settings over the past 25 years.


Carol Corell

Carol originally trained as a silversmith. She has won Goddard’s Silver Design competition as well as The Goldsmith’s Company Award for Design (twice) and the Top Award for Design in Goldsmith’s Company’s ‘Craftsman of the Year’. She has exhibited widely, and has work on permanent display in the Victoria and Albert Museum.


Since 1990 Carol has concentrated on painting, and has had several solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the US, with work in private collections in the US, UK and Europe. Her work explores colour and form, loosely influenced by the towering shapes and intricate grids of building and industrial sites. In the US she is represented by Hirsch Fine Art, Santa Fe.


In 1993 Carol founded Artsmart, an art history course for children, which has received widespread coverage in the national press and radio.


Denzil Forrester

Denzil is the winner of both the Harkness Fellowship (New York) and the Rome Scholarship. He has also won two major prizes at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. He has had 13 solo exhibitions and has shown widely is group exhibitions in Britain, Rome and New York.


Denzil’s work is draws heavily on his early years in the West Indies and his love of the dub, blues and reggae clubs of North London. Presented on vast canvasses infused with dazzling colours, his intensely crafted work gives a truly visceral sense of the music itself.


Writer and artist John Lyons says: “Denzil’s active, creative impulse takes him through a process which involves drawing with such intense concentration that the subject almost draws itself …. Drawing can also assume a cognitive role for him: the essence of a subject is captured and the artist becomes one with it. The act of ‘becoming one with’ is the perfect way of knowing.”


Denzil is founder and curator of Caribbean Connection, a series of exhibitions and cultural exchanges, developing and promoting the work of Caribbean artists.


Alan John

Alan has shown both painting and sculpture in numerous exhibitions, he has also had six solo exhibitions. In his work he gathers colours, materials, and ideas which he then juggles with – to startling effect. His impressive body of work has evolved steadily over the years and displays and fascinating dialogue between the various levels of himself, and the innate qualities of the materials collected.


Art Critic Marina Vaisey says: “…. I find his work striking, a forceful combination of qualities that explore emotional fears without weakness, and indicating human potential in a realistic unforced manner, so that a kind of physical reality is deliberately exploited to reveal complicated mental processes and emotions.”



QUAD: The Gallery in Cork Street, 28 Cork Street, Mayfair.   Monday 23- Saturday 28th June. Mon – Fri: 10am-6pm, Sat 11am-4pm


Media contact: Julia Brosnan 07870 306867


Art Work enquiries: 079003 17874 / during exhibition week call The Gallery on 020 743 2612


Note to Editors: Artists in Action is an umbrella organisation encompassing the original projects/ creative teaching methods of the QUAD Artists:

Young Visions – Phillippa Clayden

Artsmart – Carol Corell

Caribbean Connection – Denzil Forrester

Islington Arts Factory – Alan John



Images in order:

O look there’s Jo – Alan John

Sustained – Carol Corell

Young Coconut Island – Denzil Forrester

Mythic Hike – Phillippa Clayden