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Press Release

Sue Williams A’Court at Clifton

Apr 29 – May 5

An exhibition of paintings and collages inspired by organic form.

The work of Sue Williams A’Court invites the viewer into a contemplative space of unlimited possibilites. Inspired by organic and biomorphic forms, her textured paintings are strangely familiar and alluring. Each piece holds a duality - a simple, visual pleasure which also acts as an enjoyable tactic to sustain our attention, unrestricted by narrative – inviting us to see further into the space of the painting, to explore its ambiguities.

The varied crafted surfaces of the canvas are gradually built-up, scored into, and scraped away in subtle, meticulous layers of acrylic, mixed media and oil glazes Tactile elements compliment a mainly natural, muted palette

A recent preoccupation is the exploration of the space in between form.

I like the idea of the space in between – it is a place that doesn’t really exist. It is about capturing this feeling of otherness – switching from the surface reality to a place beyond.”

The exhibition covers many areas of investigation with works including; a series of canvas collage inspired by the Tibetan ideal of ‘obos’ and the harmony of man, heaven and earth represented by a pile of rocks; Rock Pool – a large painting exploring the laconic simplicity of the Zen garden; a series of small ‘still life’ studies that relate to the grey fluorescence of the english coast; White Sea and Pink Sea – two paintings that create an imaginary universe of micro-organisms of undefinable scale.

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168 Regent’s Park Road, Primrose Hill, London NW1 8XN

Mon – Sun 12 – 6

t 020 7586 5533