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The official information website

The official information website

April 2007 sees the launch of two new websites for established artists Maggi Hambling and Chris Gollon

Founded in 1994, IAP Fine Art, London, has had a long relationship with British painter Chris Gollon, combining roles of gallery, agent and management. By combining these roles, and by focusing on one artist, IAP has offered a full and complete support to the artist during and between shows. Collectors and followers of Gollon’s work also benefit from the in-depth knowledge IAP has of his work, and the regular updates regarding museum shows and acquisitions, new work and new shows. Just as people follow their favourite recording artists via a central ‘official’ website, so the formula can be used for an established artist. There is no conflict with other commercial galleries, since the same works are not held. Therefore collectors can visit the exhibitions page to see which galleries hold the works they would like to see, and then follow a hyperlink to that gallery.

IAP first started working with Maggi Hambling in 1998 by publishing her first silk-screen prints. David Tregunna (founder & owner of IAP Fine Art) and Hambling got on very well, and IAP Fine Art worked again with Maggi Hambling in 2006 to launch two new editions of silk-screen prints ‘George Melly Singing’ and ‘Stephen Fry Musing’, both raising funds for Terrence Higgins Trust. The prints sold well from IAP’s website, and many general enquiries received. The idea then came naturally to launch a central information website for Hambling’s work, on the same successful model as

The advantages to the artists are:

  • Prints may be sold 24/7 by E-commerce world-wide

  • Promotes their work to a world-wide audience

  • Provides additional publicity for the shows they have in conventional galleries. There is NO conflict of interest, since the existing relationships the artist has (e.g. Hambling & Marlborough Fine Art) are very much respected, publicized and actively promoted by the artist’s official website.

  • Collectors can resell works via the website, but the artist then receives a larger percentage from the sale than via the new droit de suite law.

The advantages to the public, collectors, students and the press are:

  • The website for each artist is a central resource showing the latest news, shows, work, talks/events, press articles and acquisitions

  • Many FAQ’s are answered, freeing commercial galleries from general public enquiries

  • Hyperlinks to museums holding the artist’s works, take the visitor along interesting lines of enquiry to the nation’s public collections and monuments.

For information visit the websites, email or call 0870 850 5512