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theatre for mankind

θέατρο για την ανθρωπότητα

voluntary organisation, operating since 1985

c/o 2 Park Terrace, Bell Lane, Enfield EN3 5EU

Tel: 020-8443 4643

Soulfabric Subliminal transfigurations

A new exhibition of visual art and photography

Featuring works by

Anastasia Artemiou Chrysostomou, Photographer

Daniel Colbert, Photographer

Demetrios Economou, Sculptor, Painter

Rabindra Nath Roy, Book Illustrator

Stefan Stachowicz, Painter

Criton Tomazos, Painter, Mixed Media Artist

Shelly Vickers-Pertz, Painter, Mixed Media Artist

And a documentary and photographic exhibition of the work and history of Theatre for Mankind

At The Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, London N8

Open 4th – 29th March 2008

Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 1.00-7.00 pm Saturday: 1.00 – 7.00 pm

Admission Free

Special Event: One special participatory art workshop

at The Gallery, Central Library, Wood Green, London N22

Friday 14 March 2008, 4.00 – 7.00 pm

Sponsors: ‘Awards for All’

Libraries, Archives and Museums, Haringey

San Amvrosia Health Foods’ London

Management Committee: Founder/Director: Dr Criton Tomazos, Chairperson (Alternating): Abdul A. Momen, Treasurer: Daniel Colbert, Secretary: Alternating acting secretaries, Committee Members: Maria Vigar, Shamim Rahman, Jane Rodgers

Organising Committee: Joanne Diaz, Rolan Hussein, Frances Lewis, Jay Marcham, Hasina Nowaz, Stefan Stachowicz, Criton Tomazos, Suzanne Widdup, Josephine Zara Hon Member: Bola Animashaun