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Gill Rocca

'Somewhere In Between'

February 21st - March 18th 2007

Gill Rocca's snow covered landscapes stem from the classic tradition of the Romantic Landscape where there is always a search for the sublime in nature.

Her compositions come from a desire to create spaces where the mind and imagination can wander freely, and there is a strong sense of mystery present in this new body of work. A story is waiting to be told in her landscapes, but events are somehow hidden from view, always just out of sight.

Rocca's dreamlike compositions are a natural development from her paintings of London's open spaces, and work inspired by travelling to the Arctic Circle.
Memories, imagination, and an emotional response to the landscape combine to form the structure of these paintings.

Alexander MacFaul

'Somewhere in Between.' 93 x 93cm.

'Landscape, twilight' 61 x 122cm

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