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1927 - 2004

RETROSPECIVE EXHIBITION 25th Jan to 24th Feb at Gallery Kaleidoscope

Although perhaps best known for his homo-erotic work artist John Carter had much more to offer than just his gift for tantalising fans with his paintings of well endowed young models. This Retrospective show, while representing this side of his talent, with both male and female forms, sets out to prove he was much more, indeed a versatile voice in the art world.

In his earlier years, living in the U.K., chosen subject matter covered a very wide spectre including Church interiors, flower studies plus other still life, landscapes, seascapes , dock scenes , portrait commissions and even the occasional abstract. All these pieces were executed with his individual style and undeniable talent. A selection from these canvasses is included in this provocative exhibition.

Later, when living in Spain, both Carter and his work became decidedly uninhibited. Conjuring the light, colour, atmosphere and the availability of raunchy models in the adopted country, John toyed with erotica and slightly caressed pornography. Many of his former one man shows were devoted entirely to paintings depicting handsome young men, naked and proud or provocative groups engaged in sexual adventure.

Again this period is well represented in this unusual showing at Gallery Kaleidoscope. Some of the nudes, though well painted, fail because of his blatant desire to stimulate or even shock the viewer. One can argue, had these fleshy offerings been cleverly veiled or more neatly arranged greater results would have been achieved. The studies of male and female nudes together are more sensitive and successful, suggesting here he was gaining real pleasure from his craft.

His reputation as a true artist is saved when one is able to admire the magic he could create in a natural landscape or even a nude study given without the exaggerated parts.

Judge for yourselves…

Karl Barrie