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A Fine Line
An Exhibition of Drawings

I work from life, it seems to miss the point not to as it's a process of exploration.

Drawing is the most direct link from the brain to the hand; it is a very truthful form and is felt as much as taught.

Practice is crucial but instinct is the key.

Jennifer McRae

Drawing is woven into my day-to -day practice. I would equally pick up a pencil or a brush – I am drawing what I am painting.

It is impossible to hide behind a drawing, they reveal truths however vestal, brief or intense.

I do feel it is woefully lacking in art education. You can't do things you want to visually without it – after a while it becomes transparent – you need the discipline.

Anyone can pick up a pencil and paper, it's a fundamental language that is immediately accessible to us all.

Lisa Wright

Drawing is an essential part of what I do, I make small charcoal studies to work out shapes and composition before I begin painting.

The notes in a sketchbook are something different – observations of everyday things that sometimes I just want to draw.

It is the authenticity about drawings that I love, I can get more enjoyment from a drawings that has taken an artist 40 seconds than the finished work.

Every mark counts, and every line must follow the form, reinforcing the subject.

Nicholas Charles Williams

Drawing is for me a fundamental discipline for creative development; a means by which to encounter and examine the world, and a departure point for the understanding and identification of both individual content and a particular relationship to the world.

Anita Taylor