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Michael Carlo – Earth Works

Earlier this year we invited Michael to come to the Curwen studio to work with us on a collaborative basis. He had used lithography in his own studio before, but was very keen to work with us to explore the relationship between artist and printer.

After the initial meeting we discussed what form the work should take and having looked through some of his current works felt that working on zinc plate using a reduction process to make a small portfolio of images would work well. The results are a fascinating set of 12 images that have a similar theme, but are all very different. They reflect the view he sees everyday, always the same, but at the same time always different.

During his early years Michael worked with Edward Bawden, helping him in his studio at Great Bardfield. It was Edward who suggested that he attended the Royal College of Art. Michael has lived and worked in Suffolk nearly all his life and thrives on the landscape that surrounds him everyday. He says that his works are built on the same premise as many jazz pieces, the theme is the same, but each time it is played it is always different.

Michael was overwhelmed by the opportunity that collaborative printmaking offered. Although very accomplished in his own lithographic printing making skills, he found that working alongside one of our printmakers he was taken to a different level than he felt he would have reached on his own.

The result of this venture is a beautiful set of hand drawn zinc plate lithographs which can be bought either as a complete set, or as individual pieces. The set is contained in a blue folder which includes technical information about the portfolio and an artist's viewpoint of the works inspiration.

Earth Works is available as a complete bound set* of 12 individual prints at £1450, or as individual prints at £145 each

Process:         Hand drawn zinc plate lithograph
Edition size:         45
Print size:         35.5 x 32cm
*Complete set edition limited to 15

Please note the print image accompanying this is 'Earth Works 11'