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Contemporary Art for Christmas 2007

Anita Smith ● Ian Chamerlain ● Maddalena Pacini ● Elise Naomi Buddle ●

16th November - 15th December (gallery closed till 4th January) 5th - 11th January

The Lloyd Gill Gallery is pleased to present an ecliptic mix of emerging and International Artists. The exhibition will reveal a dynamic range of Artistic practises. The Artists selected here are working on the frontier of their individual practice and demonstrate the visual impact Contemporary Art can induce. The exhibition is a portrayal of a systematic approach toward creation of the sublime. The themes which Artists have covered are profound personnel experiences; Character based formalities, time and space, a humorous take on mass production, and the fluidity of function and aesthetic of paint.

Anika Smith

Boundaries’ is a painting based on the idea of boundaries between life and life before birth. Looking at pregnancy at different stages of foetal development I became fascinated by the question ‘when does life begin?’ This piece was inspired by personal photographs from my own pregnancy and created on nine canvases to symbolise the nine months of a typical pregnancy. The text that is visible on this painting comes from Scientific facts about different developmental stages that the foetus goes through before birth. Smith has worked extensively to gain many commission and is currently studying for Bath spa University, Weston College, Weston - Super - Mare Current - 2009

FDA Applied Art and Design

Elise Naomi Buddle

My work deals with this awareness through the use of colour, space and material in vast amounts. Such excess of product in the work poses the question of necessity and leaves the marks to appear either superficial or imperative to the work. These considered, aesthetically claustrophobic works, made through chance mark making is where the work resides. Buddle recently graduated this year 2007, from the Slade School of Fine Art University College London

Ian Chamberlain

Fruit update

In this series, Ian expresses his amusement and frustration with aspects of marketing, advertising, journalism, consumerism and science. He makes his point with characteristic humour and a strong aesthetic. Work featured in Professional Photography magazine; 1992: Finalist Hasselblad Masters Exhibition, touring exhibition of capital cities, Australia Exhibition, Balmain Watch House, Sydney; 2006: LGA exhibition, Leura; 'Photographic Portrait Prize', Wollongong City Gallery.

Maddlena Pacini

Maddalena was born in Bristol and studied at the West of England College of Art, where her tutors included Paul Feiler, Robert Hurdle and George Sweet. She studied at Bristol University and South Glamorgan Institute obtaining a B.A Hons.

In 1987, Maddalena left a career in Secondary Education to become a part - time Lecturer and t concentrate on Etching and Painting.

Her work has been held in galleries and in Private collections in Europe, U.S.A and Australia. A wide range of her etchings and paintings are held in ‘Petra’ - a major gallery near St Marks, Venice.

Bryn Terfel, the Welsh Baritone and Kenneth Clarke MP are among well known individuals who have taken her work.

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