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The Countryside Exhibition

The Air Gallery, Mayfair

26 November - 1 December 2007

Patron: The Hon Mrs Charlotte Townshend

Dorset Artists  Katie Scorgie, Jo Burchell and Robert Mileham bring their individual talents to Mayfair's Air Gallery, in Dover Street for their first joint London Show next month. The Countryside Exhibition is a show where the elements of Oil, Wire and Bronze dominate. From Katie's vigorous colour and black and white oils, Robert's contemporary figurative and animal bronzes to a new exploration of the countryside through Jo's barbed wire sculptures, all portray themes and images of the natural world.


It is that feeling of animals – their energy and poise that her life-size sculptures capture. Using old unwanted barbed wire and steel rods she draws through and around the form, linking the internal shapes of muscles and sinews.Figurative but with a looseness of marks, they don't impose on their surroundings, rather they emerge with a transient quality, as if you had stumbled upon them in the woods”

from Farmlife on the work of Jo Burchell


Why do I sculpt? I simply love it. I just have to recreate life as I see it. Sculpture is in our time and place. It exists; it is more than an image. You should engage with it, touch it and see it from all angles.

It has the advantage of presence” Robert Mileham

If someone can stand in front of a painting of mine and feel as if they are in that place at that given moment – then that is what I am aiming for” Katie Scorgie



Equestrian Paintings.

Jul 07 Summer Exhibition – Ashley, Newmarket, Suffolk

Jul 06 SEA Annual Exhibition – The Mall, Galleries, London

May-Jun 06 Dorset Art Week, Child Okeford

06 – exhibiting through this gallery

Jun 05 SEA Northern Annual Exhibition – Gallery 42, Tadcaster

Jun 05 SEA Annual Exhibition – The Mall Galleries, London

Apr 04 Chome Fine Art, 4 George Street, Bath Equestrian exhibition

Aug 03 SEA Annual Exhibition – The Mall Galleries, London

Jun 03 The Mall Galleries

Finalist – 2003 The Daily Mail’s ‘Not The Turner Prize’ Competition

May-Jun 04 Dorset Art Week, Hinton St Mary

Dec 02 The Osborne Studio Gallery, Motcombe Street, Chelsea Christmas Show

Nov 02 Charity Countryside Art and Sale Exhibition, Lawrences,

Crewkerne (organised by The British Sporting Art Trust and Macmillan Nurses) Awarded ‘Chairman’s Choice’

Oct-Nov 02 Reed Hall, Exeter University, Solo Exhibition

Jul 02 SEA Annual Exhibition – Christie’s, London

Jun 02 Everett Fine Art, Wellington, Somerset

May-Jun 02 Dorset Art Week, Hinton St Mary

01 SEA Annual Exhibition – Christie’s, London

00 SEA Annual Exhibition – Christie’s, London


Painting, Drawing, Sculpture And Mixed Media


1993 Art in Action, Oxford

1994 Arte Viva 94, Senegalia, Italy

1995 United Artists , Westminster

Five Woman Artists Plus

2004 Guggleton Young Artists, Stalbridge, Dorset

Art @ Plush, Dorset


2005 Guggleton Young Artists, Stalbridge, Dorset

2006 “It’s a Dogs’ Life!”, First View, Stour Head, Wiltshire

Art Source

Dorset Art Week

Open Gardens and Sculpture Exhibition, Pitt Rivers, Manor House, Dorset




Awarded The Peoples Choice for Ice Breaker at William Herschel Sculpture Competition 2005

Awarded Highly Commended for Speck at AFAS Mall Galleries 2006 by Kate Adie

Dorchester 1999

Badminton 1999

Burghley 1999

Dorchester 2000

Pangbourne 2001

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