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The first hang:ups gallery has been opened in St. Johns Wood London with the express aim of offering a wide range of original art forms to its clientele at affordable prices. The space is inviting and interesting and displays works as varied as original paintings, sculpture, ceramics and photography. All works will be clearly and keenly priced so that visitors know exactly where they stand and should never feel intimidated when entering the gallery.

The project was started by Brian Seifert and David Esdaile and is based on their original concept to offer an ever changing display of works firstly in the St. Johns Wood space with an aim once this pilot is successful to expand the principal throughout the UK. This network will give hang:ups the ability to market the works of artists who currently have a local audience, on a national basis. Works will be moved regularly inter branch throughout the group.

As well as selling to individuals we can also source artwork for projects such as restaurants, hotel, offices, residential developments, private homes, etc. working closely with interior designers to find suitable artwork for their clients.

We also offer a framing service and have innovative ideas to display artworks and objects with a large range of framing profiles and mounts. We can also arrange for the art to be professionally hung and offer advice on specialist lighting.

We sell work by the following artists - Bushra Fakhoury (Sculpture), Elaine Curtis (Sculpture), Linda Zelin (Sculpture and Paintings), Sandra Shashou (Paintings), Lee Lewonowsky (Paintings), Karen Lyn (Paintings), Monica Winner (Paintings),

Mel Altshuler (Photography), Nicky O'Connor (Ceramics), Janet Haig (Ceramics), Marcus Levey (Paintings) and Charles Foster-Hall (Paintings) amongst many other artists and work from the Far East.

47 Charlbert Street, St. Johns Wood, London W9 2LA

Tel. 020 7722 9922 Fax. 020 7483 4014

Email. <> <>

Tues Fri 9am-5pm

Sat 10-4pm