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Anita Klein - 14th November to 23rd December 2006

LARGE PAINTINGS & PRINTS: Bankside Gallery 14th November - 3rd December

SCULPTURES, PAINTINGS & WATERCOLOURS: Boundary Gallery 14th November - 23rd December

MONOPRINTS: Advanced Graphics London 14th November 2nd December


The Boundary Gallery, Advanced Graphics London and the Bankside Gallery are delighted to announce major new exhibitions of work by Anita Klein.  The exhibitions will run concurrently and feature new works created by the artist since her last solo shows nearly three years ago.



 The subject matter of Anita Klein's paintings and prints is a visual diary of the intimacy of family life.  There is a grand simplicity to her works, but that is not the same as saying that they lack subtlety and ambiguity.  On the contrary, they have the sort of unselfconscious directness that comes from living and breathing art for so long that it becomes second nature (John Russell Taylor)


Her artistic intellect and use of humour in capturing moments such as Nige looks for the Free Toy or The Salad are a winning combination. Perhaps the popularity of Klein's work and the reason why its everyday content has such appeal is best summed up by herself, If I lost everything tomorrow, what I would look back on longingly would be the ordinary moments, the things we do every day and don't even notice how wonderful it is that we're doing them.


Klein's influences include Japanese woodblock prints and early Renaissance muralists such as Giotto, Piero Della Francesca and Masaccio.  Like theirs, hers is an art of stillness, of action caught and suspended in the transfiguring moment. This is especially apparent in her the latest paintings.


She combines printmaking and painting in her working method, making etchings, woodcuts, lithographs and screenprints first, and using these as preparatory sketches for her much larger oil paintings.


Klein's use of colour and pattern, whether of a dress, leaves in the garden or tiles on the floor are as intrinsic to the painting as the object itself. Expression in these paintings comes from pure colour and linear division, rhythm and rhyme, repetition and reversal: these are the geometric values of an art of design....In her recent paintings, Anita Klein has demonstrated an ever-growing mastery of those underlying, essentially abstract, principles that give life to art (Mel Gooding) The abstract element in the composition of the pictures is essential: Klein puts these grand principles of 'artistic style' to work in the transformation of the South London quotidian, creating out of household events and holiday pleasures images of a resonant contemporary myth of love. (Mel Gooding)


Anita Klein has exhibited her prints and large oil paintings extensively in the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia.  Her work resides in many private and public collections including the Arts Council England. 


She was elected president of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers in 2003.

A fully illustrated 72 page book; "Anita Klein, Painter Printmaker" with an introductory essay by Mel Gooding will be published by Five Leaves Publications in October to coincide with the three  exhibitions in London.


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