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Terence Miles Mitchell    -    painter, sculptor , printmaker



Ex  Studio  - tel.    01884 257034





Terence Miles Mitchell   lives and works in the south-west

of England.  He paints in oil, acrylic and watercolour.  His

materials for sculpture include papier mache , stone and bronze.



The artist’s most recent piece of sculpture is a bronze limited

edition representation  of The Green Man;  a mythical being

closely associated with fields and woodland areas, who has been

deeply rooted in the folklore of Britain since medieval times.

He was considered to possess special powers linked  to healing

and fertility; springtime, and the month of May in particular,

is the time of the year with which he is most closely associated.



Illustrations of The Green Man usually depict him as a rather

wild creature with long and tangled hair interwoven with leaves

and twigs.  Despite this, his appearance is still undeniably

human.  This version is obviously less so; its ‘skin’ looks

like the bark of a tree, and foliage grows from out of its

body.  Its feet are animal-like and, as the artist has pointed

out, this Green Man probably owes a little something to Pan,

the Greek god of wood and fields etc.






Images for inclusion in press release  ( 2  sculptures, 1 painting  )



                 Title                 Size



(1)     The Green Man       ht.  47cm


(2)     Spring                    ht   43cm


(3)     The Blue Boat         59x 71cm