ref: gUw Jun 21-Jul 8 2006 HIGHGATE FINE ART 'London


'London is a fine town, a very famous city.  Where the streets are paved with gold.  And the maidens very pretty'   George Colman the younger 1761-1836
London, evokes all types of responses, but there is no doubt that it can captivate and inspire us all.  We have pleasure in presenting some fascinating views and great landmarks of this ever changing city.  It is remarkable how from the top of Parliament Hill the skyline continues to develop at an alarming rate yet the panorama of the city remains familiar, ruled by the Thames in its imposing way.
We have invited a selection of artists for their images of London, and have included the exceptional Thames at Hammersmith by Charles Cundall RA., plus paintings by Ishbel McWhirter, Michael Bishop, Michael Alford, Richard Bond, Hugh Cronyn, Mick Dean, Denis Gilbert, Alan Hepburn, Phyl Tyler and Michael Quirke. 
Each artist has represented 'their' London and the show also includes the masterly lithographs of Andrew Ingamells' great landmarks of London.

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