ref: hSw May 19-Jun 17 2006 GOLDFISH CONTEMPORARY FINE ART Paul Wadsworth


Goldfish Contemporary Fine Art is the venue for this new era in the work of Paul Wadsworth. Paul Wadsworth's exhibition, 'Outside the Landscape' which previews on May 19th, has been along time in the making for Paul in both the arranging and producing the work. Paul says of the forthcoming show;
"I've been strongly influenced by travel in the Middle East over the past six years, mainly in the Arab Emirates and Oman and by working on location within the Cornish landscape, a lot of my work starts on location, be it a windy day in Cornwall or forty degree heat out in the desert.
To me it's not about trying to illustrate what you see but more to do with capturing the essence of the day through oil paint.
The tools I use are brushes, pallet knives, large paint scrapers and quite often my hands.
Paint is applied and quite often scraped off then reapplied until I can feel my way into the painting.
I try not to start a painting with too many preconceptions thus allowing for the work to change and develop with as much freedom as possible.
The pure physical act of painting is what allows me to put myself into the work; sometimes throwing the paint, flicking paint, scraping the paint or working the surface with my hands are all ways that I can find a way into the painting and start to find what I'm looking for. Some paintings, before I consider them finished, have been through so many changes that I feel they could have been four or five other paintings.
A painting is a combination of many things but, for me, becomes finished when a balance of chaos and control is found through the use of composition, colour, movement and self.
Trying to allow the painting to develop in its own right without too many pre-conceptions is a difficult space to find sometimes. Too many marks made with too much consideration can kill a painting. I have to find the place where the paint and subconscious thought come together, sometimes this requires destroying what's already been done.
Painting for me is an emotional and physical process and a final piece is made up of highs and lows of this creative process."

With, arguably, the largest commercial exhibition space in Penwith Goldfish Contemporary Fine Art in Penzance has the room to support such a great body of work like Paul's and give it the space it deserves to be viewed to its full.


The rawness of energy, the act of paint hitting canvas, is a physical demonstration of how to inject spirit and emotion in to a work; this ties with the galleries ethos for showing honest and raw expressive works.

The private view, on May 19th will be catered for by Ben Tunnicliffe from the Abbey restaurant in Penzance, whom will be offering canapé's and cocktails on arrival.
'Outside the Landscape' May 19th – June 17th, please contact the gallery for further information or visit for future exhibitions.

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