ref: iAw Apr 1-Apr 15 2006 GRAPEVINE People, plants and places


April 12th - May 11th

A rare exhibition of the paintings of North Norfolk artist, PETER BALDWIN and the highly distinctive prints of Devon printmaker, SUSAN DEAKIN.

Grapevine Gallery, 109 Unthank Road, Norwich NR2 2PE
Open Tues to Sat 10 to 5.30, Sun 10 to 4
01603 760660


Peter Baldwin lives and works on the North Norfolk coast.  He is a painter drawing often on the immediate things he finds around him: fishing boats pulled up from the shingle, the small geometrical beach huts on the promenade, an old man slumped in a deckchair, the tall triangular posts which mark the end of the local breakwaters.  His paintings are neither descriptive landscapes, nor anodyne narratives, nor ornamental designs to please the ephemeral tourist.  They are something quite different.  They insist on our looking at them.  Baldwin believes that the most ordinary object can he invested with a profound sense of mystery.  It is a question of looking closely at things and of finding a personal idiom for what one discovers in that exacting process of creative looking.

A longstanding member of the Norwich 20 Group, his work has been exhibited in Canada, USA, France and London as well as East Anglia and is represented in a number of publications and public collections.


Susan Deakin lives and works in South Devon where she is known for her vibrant linocuts of plants, for woodcuts of Devonšs rolling hills and drypoint engravings of the South Hams coastline.  She sometimes collaborates with other artists to extend her usual practice into new areas, such as sound, painting or artist books.  Most of her prints are made in series, usually in very small editions.  

For this exhibition, she has selected a range of works including her most recent pieces. Susan has always tried to make her work financially accessible and to this end both framed and unframed versions of her work are always available. A variety of her cards will also be on sale at the exhibition. She is a member of The Devon Guild of Craftsmen.