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M O D E R N  A N D  C O N T E M P O R A R Y  F I N E  A R T





Oona Campbell - Weather and Light


Place:5 Blenheim Crescent, London W11

Date:  20th March to 1st April 2006

Opening Times: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm,   Saturday 11-5pm


"Bonnie Scotland I adore thee,

Now I wander gladly o'er thee,

Thy enchantment will restore me,

Bonnie, bonnie Scotland."


It takes something very special to create the sort of fervent excitement that is generated by an Oona Campbell exhibition. Since her first hugely successful exhibition with MacLean Fine Art six years ago, Campbell has become an established and highly regarded figure among contemporary British painters. Her bold and visceral landscapes affirm that the art of painting, though rarely seen in recent years, is still very much alive!


Collectors and admirers of Campbell's painting will be exhilarated to experience her completely unique approach to this most recent body of work presented,again, by MacLean Fine Art.  Revisiting her most beloved subject, the Scottish Highlands, her new work ventures towards a more distinctive and literal portrayal of landscape. There is a heightened sense of pictorial honesty and a profound "atmospheric truthfulness", as described by Nicholas Usherwood (Art Critic, Galleries). Thoughtful complexity is demonstrated in these compelling compositions of expansive, brooding highland scenes - including the subtle introduction of textural detail in the foreground. In keeping with this shift towards greater naturalism, Campbell has introduced new colours to her palate bringing to life swathes of purple heather, pools of yellow wildflowers being chased by cloud shadows and blue horizons shrouded in mist.


This exhibition offers us a true sense of the artist's enjoyment in the physical act of painting and her latest pictures are nothing short of pure majesty.   Their vast, open landscapes please the mind and cause the spirit to soar.  


Paintings will be priced between 350 and 9000.


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