ref: jAw Mar 1-Mar 19 2006 GRAPEVINE Zheni Warner



Born in Bulgaria, Zheni Warner first came to England in her early 20's.   She studied Fine Art Painting at Norwich School of Art and from 1998 to 2005 was represented by Elm Hill Contemporary Art.

Warner always claims that she is not an intellectual painter.  Her territory is depth, form and colour, particularly colour.  The system she uses is her own heightened vision carefully subsumed within a willingness to experiment with technique and form.  There is no underlying system, no ideological message, no attempt to tell a story.  To misquote Wordsworth they are 'colours recollected in tranquillity'.

What remains is a form of poetic abstraction, the magic of allusion and visual alliteration.  The titles of the paintings, usually quotations from the poet she is reading at the time, are not meant to be taken literally.  They are guides to the reading of the visual text, a hint at a state of mind which may aid the response rather than determining the interpretation of the image.  What they do instead is to indicate the sweep and rhythm of the pain on the canvas, its odd interruptions and exuberant spurts.  As a result even the most contemplative of Zheni's paintings has a verve and excitement which reflect the artists own vivacity and joie de vivre.

An illustrated catalogue is available; price range 950 - 5400. The exhibition runs until March 19th.

Grapevine Gallery, 109 Unthank Road, Norwich NR2 2PE
Open Tues to Sat 10 to 5.30, Sun 10 to 4.