ref: jJw Mar 10-Apr 8 2006 BOUNDARY GALLERY Alex Uxbridge


Alex Uxbridge

Recent Paintings

10 March  8 April 2006
  The links between all manifestations of Uxbridge's talent are primarily a
matter of mood. In his earlier works, exhibited at the Boundary Gallery
three years ago, everything pervaded by a species of melancholy depicted in
a selection of his typical characters at a cocktail party or making love
under the full moon.
  In more recent pictures, Uxbridge turns with renewed interest to 'pure'
landscape. He says that his landscapes in the past used to be filtered
through memory, but now he also paints directly from the subject, in the
best Impressionist, plein-air tradition. He still chooses, though, places
that seem suffused with melancholy, the deserted parts of the Anglesey coast
or the disused copper mine, and when there are figures included they
generally seem isolated, gazing wanly out to sea. Meanwhile, his 'town'
pictures have moved further away from on-the-spot observation, relying now
on memory, or even outright invention, as in the imaginary 'Cities at Night'
  Maybe Uxbridge's back-story throws some light, maybe not. He is one of
five children brought up in the Anglesey stately home, Plas Newydd. Settled
in London, he went into publishing, and then set up his own business. It was
not till he was in his thirties that he enrolled in art school for four
years, since when he has devoted himself completely to painting, and spends
part of his time in a very remote cottage on the coast of Anglesey. To many
it will sound like an idyllic existence, and possibly even to his conscious
mind it has been and is. But there are clearly demons to be exorcised. Long
may they lodge in his unconscious, provided he is able to let them out in
art of such vibrancy and power.

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