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21 26 May 2018, Gallery 8, St James’s, London, SW1

Tom Coates PPNEAC RP / Fred Cuming RA / Julie Jackson NEAC /

Mary Jackson NEAC / Andrew Roberts

The Alchemy of Paint brings together works by five British Artists: Tom Coates

PPNEAC RP, Fred Cuming RA, Julie Jackson NEAC, Mary Jackson

NEAC and Andrew Roberts, each of whom utilise paint as a means of offering

new perspectives on the observed world. Based principally upon direct

observation of nature, the works demonstrate the expressive possibilities of the

medium through gesture, texture and colour. The artists have translated real-life

experiences into painterly equivalents; elevating, romanticising, and deepening

our appreciation of the surroundings which are so often overlooked.

Tom Coates’ instinctive, improvisatory approach is met with outstanding

draughtsmanship. It is this combination of technical skill and creative aptitude

that has come to define his works, and is evident throughout The Alchemy of

Paint. David Wolfers of the New Grafton Gallery said that the artist “paints with a

sense of urgency and has a natural ability to express what he sees on canvas. He

is a prolific painter for whom technique is second nature.”

Fred Cuming RA has devoted his life to expressing the fleeting impressions of

his surroundings, often painting the South Coast of England around Hastings and

Rye. He said “I am not interested in pure representation, my work is about

responses to the moods and atmospheres generated by landscape, still life or

interior. I am interested in the developments of 20th Century painting, in

abstraction, that has been present in all movements, and in new ideas and art


Julie Jackson’s paintings are informed by a perceptual sensation of space and

light she embraces the material reality of paint”, feeling and manipulating the

medium to create lines and form. Discussing her creative process, she said

“looking at the world through the experience of painting makes me see more, and

see better. It creates a better understanding and connection to the world.”

Mary Jackson paints figurative, landscape and still life subjects in both oil and

watercolour. The foundations of her work are laid away from the studio,

something which the artists says revitalises her perception”. She latterly works

into the composition, focusing on light and tone to create a sense of distance and


Andrew Roberts starts his paintings plein-air, before adding multiple layers of

paint and varnish in the studio to form a rich, impasto surface. The resulting

texture is often evocative of the landscape itself, highlighting the transformative

possibilities of paint, and its potential to create a sensory experience for artist and

viewer alike.

Exhibition Information:

Title: The Alchemy of Paint

Dates: 21 26 May 2018

Address: Gallery 8, 8 Duke Street, St James’s, London SW1Y 6BN

Opening Times: Daily 11am 6pm (late opening Friday 8pm)

Admission: Free

Nearest Tube: Green Park or Piccadilly Circus


Instagram: @andrewrobertart #TheAlchemyofPaint

Notes to editors:

Images from left to right: Andrew Roberts, Between The Two Lower Beeding;

Andrew Roberts, Got Nothing To Say Estapona.