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Japanese Glass

An online shop representing 16 Japanese glass artists

Glass art is fairly new in Japan compared to older traditional arts such lacquer and ceramics,

and Japanese glass artistic achievements remain largely unknown to the Western audience.

We travelled Japan to find talented glass artists and have carefully curated unique glass

objects from remote Japanese workshops.

Despite the European influences which began to seep into Japanese culture in the

16th century, Japanese aesthetic has retained its own identity. Our handmade glass pieces

are unique having been influenced by Japanese philosophy and aesthetic, including the

appreciation of imperfection and asymmetry, fine detailing, and the importance of nature.

Our gallery includes sake sets, tableware, vases, wedding gifts, and art pieces for the home

or public spaces such as hotels. Private commissions are possible, please get in touch for

more information at

To learn more about our artists and to see their pieces visit our gallery shop at