ref: aSk Dec 3-8 2018 at 54 THE GALLERY

Trina Bohan -­‐ Scottish Skyscapes: PRESS RELEASE at 54 The Gallery, 54 Shepherd Market, London W1J 7QX 3 rd – 8 th December and then by arrangement – CONTACT 07783398112 Trina Bohan, the well-­‐known Edinburgh artist is bringing the magic of her Scottish Skyscapes to the streets of London town with an exhibition at 54 the Gallery in Mayfair. Trina whose work can also be seen at the Arusha Gallery in Dundas Street, Edinburgh, has built a following for her large format Scottish Skyscapes since settling in Edinburgh ten years ago. Trina says: “I draw my inspiration from the ethereal light that filters through the clouds and mists swirling round the lochs and hills of the Scottish highlands and islands. I enjoy the fleeting glimpses of gold and silver on open water and try to capture this and the surprisingly colorful reflections from the land back into the clouds.” Her work invites the observer to look up from the land to the light in an ever-­‐ changing sky as it breaks through to reflect on water. She captures these momentary changes. The Haven – oil on canvas 2m x 1.2m