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Following in the traditions of Classical Fine Art, and inspired by

Gainsborough's watercolour study, Kate Westbrook explores the

myth of Diana and Actaeon.

Written by the Roman poet Ovid and found within the collected

works entitled Metamorphoses, the myth describes the fatal

encounter between the hunter Actaeon and the Goddess Diana.

Enraged that a mortal has seen her bathing naked, Diana

splashes water upon Actaeon and he transforms into a deer and

is subsequently killed by his own dogs.

Westbrook's' Diana and Actaeon are placed in the landscape of

Dartmoor, an enthralling and inexhaustible subject she has been

enjoying for a number of decades.

This current series of work represents three years of intense

absorption and study, the paintings are finely rendered in oil,

detailed and atmospheric, deserving of quiet contemplation.

Westbrook lives in Devon, she trained at Bath Academy of Art

and Reading University and had her first solo exhibition in 1965

at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in the USA, where she lived

for a number of years after graduating. Since returning to the

UK she has exhibited regularly and gained a significant

reputation both as a painter and international jazz musician

having joined the Mike Westbrook Band in 1974.

5th-22nd May 2018

The Malthouse Gallery, Town Mill, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3PU

Open 10.30-4.30pm each day

Curated by Deborah Wood, The Art Room


Kate Westbrook

Diana Now Sees Actaeon

oil on canvas, 65 x 92 cm,


Kate Westbrook

Winter Morning, Dartmoor

oil on canvas, 65 x 95 cm,


Kate Westbrook,

Autumn, Diana and Actaeon

oil on canvas, 100 x 150 cm,