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It’s Art Call

D Contemporary Gallery

23 Grafton Street W1S 4EY

Group Exhibition

14 23 September

Solo Exhibition

28 September 7 October

Opening Hours 11 18:00

D-Contemporary Gallery is very happy to

present our next project in partnership with

The Cult House.

It’s Art is a call for artists/competition where a

selection of artists will have the opportunity to

showcase their artwork at the D Contemporary

Gallery at 23 Grafton Street, Mayfair.

10 to 12 Artists will be shown in a Group

Exhibition and the winning artist will have a

Solo Exhibition.

Engaging with the art community and

showcasing the best established and emerging

talent, whilst connecting them to Strategy

International’s 300 clientele.

D Contemporary - creates and delivers art

exhibitions at 23 Grafton Street for the

Strategy International Group, a leading UK

and international network for businesses with a

presence in 32 countries around the World.

Amidst a popular street of world famous art

galleries, emerging artists gain access to an

excellent Mayfair location and an established

ecosystem of clients to showcase their work.

Mara Alves Portuguese Artist based in London

works as a curator for D Contemporary who is

also curating It’s Art Call along with The Cult

House founder JA Neto.


DISCOVER US - @dcontemporary

The Cult House is a creative group set up by

JA Neto, connecting people in various creative

disciplines (arts, craft, design, writing, music

and performance) with commercial and social


The Cult House started its collective on

Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Google+,

Pinterest and LinkedIn, where presents daily

tips on several art topics and use all them to

help on the promotion and network to get more

visibility for our artists. The website went live

on April 2014 and since then The Cult House

is increasing their International online artist

collective. The aim of the collective is to boost

visibility online as much as possible for both

parts, for the company and more importantly

for the artists within the online gallery,

maximizing all our connections and

advertising the artists' profiles as well as

important events.


DISCOVER US - @theculthouse

It’s Art Private Views 18:3021:00

Group Exhibition| 13 September

Solo Exhibition| 27 September

RSVP (strictly necessary)


Mara Alves|

t: 07425089060

JA Neto|

t: 07801799989