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Works on Paper

19th September - 7th October 2016

Private View 87 Old Brompton Road

Tuesday 27th September 6.00 - 8.30pm London SW7 3LD

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Cadogan Contemporary announces an exhibition of works on paper by Sargy Mann.

This the first retrospective exhibition of Mann’s work, with works on paper spanning from 1967 to 2005.

Over the past year since Sargys death, the Mann family with Cadogan Contemporary have taken time to

look at the astonishing legacy of work Sargy left behind. The commercial success in the final years of Manns

life often focussed on his latter years of paintings. Examining the body of work within the context an entire

career, shines a renewed significance on the earlier works on paper and their role towards Manns subsequent


The exhibition includes drawings and pastels from the life room at Camberwell Art School, where Sargy had

been a student and then tutor. As Sargys eye-sight deteriorated, working outside in direct sunlight was the

only way he could properly see and so working on paper gave him flexibility and ease to work outside. Using

graphite, charcoal, pastels and gouaches Mann could capture the fleeting light and landscapes, embracing

the spontaneity that paper can give. He started using the gouaches painted directly from nature in the bright

sunlight often when travelling abroad as source for his larger oil paintings completed in the studio.

Following the total loss of sight in 2005, landscapes became out of reach for Sargy and it was then he turned

to focus completely on the figure within a landscape and work inside the studio. With the need to be more

physical when working blind, the delicacy and size restraints of paper meant Sargy did not return to it.

There will be a selection of Sargys sketchbooks and small drawings on display during the

exhibition. A catalogue will be available which includes a published lecture given by Sargy Mann at Royal

Drawing School in 2007.

The exhibition will run from the 19th of September - 7th of October, with a Private View on Tuesday 27th of

September. The full exhibition and gallery hours can be viewed online at

The exhibition at Cadogan Contemporary is complimented by two other shows of Sargys work.

Euan Uglow / Sargy Mann

The Collection, Lincolnshire

24th Sept ‘16 - Jan ‘17

supported by Arts Council England

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‘does that include us?’

Sargy Mann Figures

g|39 gallery, Cardiff

2nd - 24th September

87 Old Brompton Road London SW7 3LD