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58 Fore Street, Tregony, CORNWALL TR2 5RW

Telephone 01872 530505 / M: 07496 953471


13 September - 29 October 2016

Private View Thursday 8 September 6 - 8pm and

Sunday 11 September 2 - 5pm

‘Snow Pattern, Iceland’ Euan McGregor

Celebrating Tregony Gallery’s first Anniversary under new owners Judi and

Brian Green, our Autumn exhibition LandSCOPES will focus on the artist’s

relationship to landscape and environment. Ranging from the openness

and natural beauty of the outdoors, to intimate internal spaces and the

‘Painting made from Drawing, Cornwall’ Mark Dunford

dynamism of the city, the displayed works show what can be revealed in

the landscape.

Each of the artists has invested time to visit a specific location over a

number of hours, days or even weeks. These locations are always changing

- the light may be different from one day to the next, the wind moves,

‘Apple Tree’ Sarah Nutley

plants and trees are affected by the seasons and the artists themselves are

different people every time they arrive at their easel.

To paint ones environment is to capture change, to make tangible time and

memory. We will be showing work from a selection of our gallery artists

side by side recent graduates Demelza James, Daisy Martin, Zöe Pearce,

Aarron Stroud, Antonio Parker Rees Fernandez and Rowan Jackson and

newly represented Euan McGregor, Mark Hanson, Peter Graham, Bridget

Macklin and Gregory Ward.

Top to bottom left to right, ‘Dumfries Bridge' Sarah Lee Roberts, ‘Scottish Barn II' Daniel Preece, ‘The Thames from

Level 39’ Judith Green, and ‘Flowers in a Spherical Vase' Tony Rothon.

Gallery artists include Alex Cree, Sara Lee Roberts, Karen McEndoo, Mark

Dunford, Timothy Betjeman, Enzo Marra, Kay Vinson, Dana Finch, Meg

Buick, Charlie O'Sullivan, Judith Green, Lilia Umana-Clarke, Adele Wagstaff,

Tony Rothon, Sarah Nutley, Daniel Preece, Pip Hartle, David Woodall, John

Brenton, Richard Thorn SWAc, Amanda Hoskin, David Rust, John Scott

Martin, Robert Jones, Steve Slimm, John Piper, Charlotte Jones, Michael

Praed and Lawrence Murley.

Located in the heart of the ancient village of Tregony, our relaxed and

friendly gallery is the perfect place to enjoy original works by emerging and

established contemporary British artists.

The gallery is situated next to the characteristic Clock Tower in Tregony

known as the ‘Gateway to the Roseland’. We are also close to the beautiful

beaches of South Cornwall, the Eden Project and the Lost Gardens of


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