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PRESS RELEASE -“Seeds of Change” - Hereford City Centre Art Gallery Opening

Looking back to the future to bring the outside in

With the temporary closure of Hereford Museum and Art Gallery it has become even

more important to get the gallery space at the Old Mayor’s Parlour in the centre of

Hereford open again. Gallery@OMP will open on 29th March 2016. An opening

exhibition, “Seeds of Change’, that will reflect back to what has gone before, and also

project forward as to what can be is the creative coming together of 6 artists with

connections to Herefordshire who are at different stages of their creative lives. The

opening exhibition shows respect for the old, in terms of history, environment and

artistry, and has also brought in the new through the approaches the artists have made

to the works being show-cased.

Internationally recognized naturalist and wildlife artist Rob Parkin will be shifting his

studio base, from its usual location to the West of Hereford, into the gallery, for three

weeks, as a five-year project to catalogue the UK’s wild flowers will begin to emerge.

Switching style from his usual oil painting to illustrative drawings there is an urgency to

Rob’s work as many flowers are disappearing each year in response to environmental

change and sometimes human intervention.

Taking art into the 3rd dimension, Nicola Jedrzejczak, based in Ledbury, will be showing

her carefully cut and constructed altered book sculptures relating to nature based on

The Observer Books, a continuation of her 2015 Hereford College of Art graduation

project which started with “Cocoonabout emergence and change, including butterflies

that have gone or are disappearing.

Looking at the broader picture and capturing the changing light patterns in the

Herefordshire landscape will be the drawings and dramatic oil paintings of Vanessa

Pomeroy. Working at one outside with the elements in the warmer months and from

memory plus photographic and sketch prompts the same views can be captured time

after time with totally different emotional responses being drawn out of the viewer by

this widely collected artist.

Physically bringing the countryside into his work is master potter Tony Hall, who uses

ash from the managed woodland surrounding his farm, based on the borders at

Knucklas, to fuel the wood-fire kiln he built. Producing hand-thrown domestic

stoneware vessels and carved slip-decorated earthenware Harvest Jugs, with a tradition

harking back to the 16th century, Tony’s work reflects the heritage of the venue and his

conservationist heart.

Change came into Emma Cownie’s life, after a car accident in 2012, which encouraged

her to explore new techniques, finding an intuitive style which results in expressive

bright oil paintings of the animals, birds and landscapes she encounters. This is the first

show for Emmas work in her birthplace.

The sixth artist is the internationally acclaimed abstract ceramicist Ken Eastman,

showing a few of his large-scale ceramic slab pieces. Ken makes to see things that he’s

not seen before and that may not be fully understood or explained by maker or viewer

encouraging visitors to stop and ponder what is? And what is not?

So everyone is welcome to come along to see, think and explore at the exhibition “Seeds

of Change’ which encompasses not only the wildlife and nature themes that are evident

in many of the works, but also the paths that these artists have made or are taking. Rob

Parkin is delighted to be artist in residence and will be at Gallery@OMP (Wednesday to

Sunday) to discuss with visitors how we can each take small steps to conserve the

natural world on our doorstep. The exhibition is open to the public from March 29th to

April 24th, Monday to Saturday 10:00 to 17:00, Gallery@Night Thursdays open late to

20:00 and Sundays 11:00 to 16:00. This marks the re-launch of a first-floor art gallery at

the Old Mayor’s Parlour, 23 Church Street, Hereford. Many of the works are for sale.

Gallery owners, the Church Street Charitable Trust are keen to keep this historic

building open as many days of the year as possible by hiring out the space to artists

from the Marches and beyond. Exhibitions will bring together traditional craft with a

modern twist and contemporary 2-D and 3-D artists with a view to bringing something

fresh and challenging to visitors at the gallery space. The Trust will is supporting local

artists with prizes for schools and sixth forms (exhibitions in May) and three exhibitors

for hArt 2016 (exhibition September).



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