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IMAGES WORDS AND MUSIC: Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings & Ceramics

David Cowley and Barbara Wakefield

54 The Gallery

Shepherd Market


London W1J 7QX

6 - 10 September 2016

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am -9pm

David Cowley Barbara Wakefield

Mozart, String Quartet K.421 Mozart, The Magic Flute

Acrylic on canvas, 2013/2014 Porcelain, 2016

The arts are languages that can communicate through many pathways. These pathways form part of a

conversation across time, history, cultures, individuals, the methods and means of making and

communicating. Through these conversations we can reflect on differences and commonalities,

intersections and connections, collaborations, genres and specificity across disciplines, and, for some

artists, it is a way of enriching, inspiring and questioning the making of our work.

Barbara Wakefield's ceramics have always been inspired by her studies and knowledge as a practicing

musician. Her recent work involves patterns, marks and colour which arise from her fascination with

history of music, scores, instruments and in the 'Music Drama' narrative of specific compositions. This

engagement between disciplines enriches the potency of her work.

David Cowley's paintings, drawings and sculptures develop from drawings he does during concerts in

London churches. These drawings are his responses to sounds, objects, movements, time and images

within the architectural spaces and are visual analogies of his experiences in these specific spaces. His

works embody a belief that there is much in common in the construction and the reading of texts in

literature, music and the visual arts.

These two artists share an interest in processing the dynamics of notation and narrative in their very

different choices of audible and visual subject matter. This is both anchor and springboard for their

practices. They find that these frontiers of interaction, making and meaning both inspirational and