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Exhibition dates: 3rd 25th October 2015

Signet Contemporary Art, 378 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, SW3 5UZ PRESS RELEASE

Signet Contemporary Art presents Lewis Noble, Jonathan

Trim and Agnija Germane October Exhibition 2015.

The Art exhibition highlights three Contemporary Artists with very

different approaches to Traditional Landscape.

LEWIS NOBLE paintings project the atmosphere of landscape,

the rolling hills, moorland and rivers in this particular part of the

first and much loved National Park in England. The process of

building many layers of paint over time, eroding and repainting

has echoes in the way the landscape has developed. Sometimes

titled with an actual location, the place is not specific; rather the

essence of a place, conveying a landscape that is still evolving

and with weather that is constantly changing. Lewis Noble

attempts to walk the tightrope between representational and

expressive painting.

Lewis Noble Scudding 50 x 50cm oil on canvas

AGNIJA GERMANE is a member of Artists Union in Latvia. The Artist is inspired by travel experience,

meeting people and different cultures, as well as nature – all transform into a piece of art which has a

subtle enigma present. Agnija Germane has a refined colour scheme sometimes bright and contrasting,

at times reticent but always synchronised.

Occasionally her masterpieces show penchant for abstractionism; nevertheless, they always retain

connection with nature and reality. These are modern, technically sophisticated paintings created by true


JONATHAN TRIM is Contemporary British Landscape Artist. The environments of estuaries, rivers and the

low lying wetlands of Britain and France are his constant sources of inspiration. . Artist frequently use

textural materials from these areas which are embedded into the paint creating an interesting surface to

the work. He applies colour using a wide variety of techniques to capture the flickering light and

atmosphere of these locations. The paintings are about the ever changing qualities of light, the sounds and

feelings in these landscapes.

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