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Resipole Studios Press Release

Following the success of its Spring Show, which opened at the beginning of April, Resipole Studios

gets set for two solo shows that will run simultaneously throughout May.

Anna Raven and Jim Wright although entirely unique in each of their styles and practices, are both

inspired by the rugged Scottish landscape. The two exhibitions of their work will run in harmony and

hopes to offer its audience two individual viewpoints of Scotland’s remote coastline.

Jim Wright, originally from Scotland and now living in Yorkshire has been showing with Resipole

Studios since 2012 and will be presenting a new body of work in the main gallery called ‘Waiting for

the Storm’. Jim, a marine artist is renowned for his mixed media portrayals of the tumultuous sea and

sky. Emotionally charged by the extreme elements and with the challenge of working in such adverse

conditions, Jim produces work that is raw and expressive. Ardnamurchan Point is a special place,

where time and time again the deep Atlantic swells and strong westerly winds, deliver an exhilarating

experience, arousing a passion and flow of energy in my work. Jim’s semi-abstract artworks, which

are built up in layers of primarily oil paint and pastel capture the severe beauty of Scotland’s West

Coast that has enchanted its claimant for centuries. It is therefore not surprising that Jim Wright is

becoming somewhat of a household name across the UK. The very same people that fall in love with

Scotland’s remote coastline undoubtedly rediscover these feelings when happening upon Jim’s


Meanwhile, Anna Raven a local artist from Ardgour will be exhibiting her work in the ’red gallery’ a

recent extension to Resipole Studio’s main gallery. Anna’s solo show entitled ’Close to the Edge, the

Iona Series’ is a multi-media account of her month long residency, living in a shepherd’s hut on the

island of Iona in November and December last year. Her artworks, which are central to the exhibition

were created by using pure pigments suspended in an acrylic binder and largely made on the beach.

Anna embraced her surroundings ensuring that the work was not just about the island but of it too

the sand and rocks were her easel and many of her tools were materials grabbed from the beach. Like

Jim, Anna’s work is responsive to the harsh conditions of the outdoors. In her own words Anna

describes the challenge of working in ’plein air ”I have given up trying not to smudge anything, get

sand in my paint or avoid a drip. It has become part of the process” The exhibition will also feature

excerpts from Anna’s blog written during her residency, as well as photographic documentation and a

short film. The multi-media showcase hopes to share with its audience Anna’s entire experience on

the island, highlighting both her emotional and creative journey. Anna Raven has a close relationship

with Resipole Studios and has exhibited with them in a number of group shows. However, this is her

first solo show at the gallery. Her work is shown regularly in London and will be featured in a pop-up

show courtesy of Rebecca Hossack in the coming months.

Resipole Studios believes that these two shows offer something for everyone! The artwork on show is

intrinsic to the very landscape that envelopes Resipole and in turn, the gallery hopes that visitors and

locals alike can further their appreciation of the wild beauty of Scotland’s West Coast.

The show opens on May 1st and runs till the 31st of the month. Opening hours are Tuesday to Sunday

11 a.m. 6 p.m.

Contact details:

Resipole Studios

By Acharacle

PH36 4HX

01967 431506

close to the edge - the iona series by anna raven, 57 x 76 cm, mixed media

facing the atlantic by jim wright, 91 x 120 cm, oil on canvas