Jun 23-Jul 5 2015 ESPACIO GALLERY PROJECT Mono 1 - Open a 'pdf' of this press release - return to Galleries PR Index

Mono is a month-long black and white season at Espacio Gallery. In two consecutive exhibitions

artists meet the challenge of making a purely monochrome statement, while being free to

explore a variety of subjects, styles and media.

Black and white are polar opposites a way of saying Yes/No, Good/Bad, Hero/Villain. They can

also suggest refinement, a stripping back to the simple contrast between two elements. An

exploration of the tonal range available between these two extremes opens up a world of

subtlety and nuance. Without the emotional charge of colour neither the artist nor the viewer

can take refuge. Art in black and white carries a concise and powerful message which demands

our attention.

Mono 1: 23 June-5 July 2015 PV: Thursday 25 June 6-9pm

Moich Abrahams, Mavis Barber, Terry Beard, Steve Buggle, Paul Butler,

Krzysztof Cieslak, Olivia Davis, Isabelle Fouque, Christine Fourdraine, Pia Goddard,

Caroline Guth, Lee-Ann, Alison Lumb, Charles McLaren, Bettina Stuurman,

Joao Trindade, Maria Vesterinen, Scott Weingarten

Mono 2: 7-19 July 2015 PV: Thursday 9 July 6-9pm

Tania Beaumont, Mark Bell, Rosa Cives, Kanwal Dhaliwal,Ahmed Farooqui,

Kitty Finegan,Robert Fitzmaurice, Beth Gadd, Laura Gompertz, Mehreen Hasan,

Philippa Hilliard, Sal Jones, Lisa Kreuziger, Peter Lang, Jill Meager,

Rosana Miracco, Matt Smith

15 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 7DG Tel: 07815 319073

Opening hours: Tuesday-Saturday 1-7pm, Sunday 1-5pm Closed on Monday

www.espaciogallery.com www.facebook.com/espaciogallery @espaciogallery

Images of the works are available on request. Please contact Carlos de Lins: 07815 319073