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7 – 13 December 2015 - Mall Galleries, London

Free Admission

The function of a painting depicting space through cognitive linear and/or aerial perspective

becomes an extraneous concept when confronted with a complex marriage of two and three

dimensions, where space and its perception become a totally personal experience, as is our

own perception of reality.”

SP Prescott takes 3-dimensionality to a different level,

created in a way never before seen.

No trick lighting!

No 3D glasses!

SP Prescott uses canvas as a sculptural medium, not constrained by the stretcher beneath, but

rather using it as a support from which to build images which are both powerful and

sensitive: which reach out to the spectator, inviting or provoking response. Her work provides

both a stimulating and controversial exhibition, certain to arouse much interest and speculation.

As an artist, my inspiration comes from the juxtaposition of unrelated pieces of recycled

canvas, finding links between colours, forms and techniques, combining them to form a new

piece, resonating with renewed force, in a totally new and yet recycled form. I am not

constrained to two dimensions, my images flowing out from the canvas, and through the

stretcher to the void beneath, nothing is wasted, even space is used. This is a time of austerity

and global awareness of the planet’s finite resources, and I honour that with my work, building

new from old, with no idea of how to construct or realise the concept in my soul.

Where: Mall Galleries, (near Admiralty Arch), The Mall, London SW1

When: Monday 7 till Saturday 12 December 2015 From 10am till 5pm

Sunday 13 December 2015 From 10am till 1pm

For further details, images and to arrange an interview, please contact:

Beatrice Arnal on 07956317732 or via email

Professor Maurice Cockrill, RA, FBA was a lifelong friend who was a regular and intrigued

visitor to her studios both in London and St Ives. He was her tutor during her Pre-Diploma

course in Liverpool, and she also studied under Brendan Neiland, RA for her BA Hons Fine

Art in Manchester. Professor Cockrill once exclaimed: I would run into a burning building to

save that painting.”

Rachel Nicholson has been a great supporter of her work for many years, being fascinated

by her carrying forward the essences of both her mother Barbara Hepworth, and her father

Ben Nicholson, and projecting them in a modern and vibrant way.

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham was a close neighbour in St Ives until her sad demise a few

years ago. She would often ask SP Prescott round for tea to discuss her work and SP

would leave an hour or so later never having seen a tea cup!