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Accidental Poetry

5 27 September 2014

Opening: Thursday 4 September 6 8 pm

This exhibition brings together a group of artists whose work is inspired by, or composed of, found elements.

Sharing an interest in what can be described as the accidental poetry of everyday things, these artists find

fascination in the often-overlooked happenstance patterns, textures and forms they discover in the natural

or urban landscape.

Including (from left to right) ceramic vessels and sculptures by Jane Cairns, metal wall pieces and prints by

Rebecca Gouldson, parquet floor pieces by Lauri Hopkins and mixed media works by William Reardon.

From her studio near the Thames Barrier, Jane Cairns makes beautiful multi-fired, multi-textured ceramic

vessels and one-off sculptural forms. Working in response to her surroundings, the surfaces of her vessels and

sculptures become canvases conveying a sense of what she describes as the quiet beauty’ she notices in

the ordinary and everyday elements of urban life.

Using etching techniques more traditionally associated with printmaking, Bristol-based Rebecca Gouldson

creates metal wall pieces and sculptures. The rich metallic surfaces are adorned with etched images

derived from photographs, drawings, and found materials. For this exhibition Rebecca is creating some new

pieces directly inspired by the time-worn urban tapestry of Bath.

The exhibition also features new work by Lauri Hopkins composed out of disused parquet floor. Each block

bears a weathered trace of its former use within the functional setting of a taped gymnasium floor, like a

form of code. Lauri reconfigures these geometric traces in her wall pieces, choosing the interplay of worn

tape marks to generate strong visual rhythms. Lauri lives and works in Chichester.

Drawing inspiration from geometric forms and universal patterns William Reardon, based in Bradford on

Avon, blends technical design with a rich, emotive surface quality in his work. Will has created a new series

for this show - Underlying Geometry - based on a found geometric form. Separate mixed media panels

are linked by their original found pattern with the scope to hang alone or be regrouped to reconnect in

new ways with the original pattern.

For further information and images please contact Evie Williams: evie@quercusgallery.co.uk 07738 929089

Jewellery and textiles are also available during this show.

Gallery opening times: Tuesday Saturday: 10.30 5.30 and other times by appointment.


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