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‘Rick-Rack’ by Brian Rice, screenprint, edition of 45, 64 x 80cm


4-27 September 2014

Private View Wednesday 3rd September 6-8pm

Exhibiting artists include: Ian David Baker, Becky Blair, Duncan Bullen, Graham Dean, Gary

Goodman, Jeff Keen, Peggy Lock, Stella Maris, Katty McMurray, Brian Rice, Bridget Riley, Jim

Sanders, Henrik Simonsen, John Simpson, Richard Walker

Curwen Gallery’s long standing history with printmaking continues with this exhibition of

screenprints all created at Artizan Editions, one of only a handful of fine art print workshops working

in direct collaboration with artists. Here Original Prints are made, these being a way for artists to

create original art works that can be produced in a limited edition of multiples. As an editionned

work, the prints become far more affordable, something noteworthy in todays financial climate.

Works by big name artists, such as Bridget Riley, are accessible without the huge price tag of an

original painting.

The prints at Artizan Editions are made through various techniques of mark making and colour

manipulation, allowing the artist’s direct input. Their creativity combined with the technical


knowledge and skill offered by Artizan Editions extends the possibilities and success of the finished

work. This collaborative aspect of artist and printer working together at Artizan is one echoed in

the history of the Curwen Gallery which began as part of the Curwen Print Studio.

The Curwen Studio was fashioned after the French Ateliers, and was one of the first places in Britain

where artists were able to work with professional printers to make artist’s prints. Before the

Curwen Studio was created, in 1958, artists were left working alone or with very limited technical

assistance and this inevitably resulted in the final work lacking the quality that could be achieved by

professional printers. Curwen Studio changed this, and artists were able to develop the process of

making their work into collaboration between artist and printmaker.

Artizan Editions works on this same principle, with an unswerving commitment to traditional

printmaking, combined with their skill and open mindedness to an artists creativity and vision, this

results in works with the quality of a professional specialist printer and still bearing the artists own

direct input. It is at times only through these collaborations that an artist can truly thrive and fully

achieve their desired result. This exhibition showcases the brilliance of this collaborative process

with a selection of screenprints of the many artists currently working with Artizan Editions.

‘Artemis’ by John Simpson, screenprint, edition of 55, 50 x 80cm

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