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1 Sept 2014


International Art Exhibition

8 – 26 October 2014



Oxo Tower Wharf

Bargehouse Street, South Bank

London SE1 9PH

Free Admission

Private View

9 October, 6:30pm-8:30pm

(RSVP to Joy Felix)


This art is meant to inform the viewer, inspire the soul, and enable the spirit.

Many viewers of the exhibition have remarked at the sense of peace, calm and beauty

that they feel standing in the presence of these works.

The Art of Zhen, Shan, Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance) has toured more than 50

countries and 800 cities worldwide since July 2004.

Storytelling has long been one of fine art’s greatest joys, and this exhibition’s ability to cross

cultural, lingual and ethnic barriers is highlighted each time it is shown.

At the heart of the works are truth, compassion and tolerance – universal qualities that form the

cornerstone of human morality. The artists take inspiration from these principles, seeking a

return to orthodox art form and creating more than just beautiful art.

Through deeply expressive Renaissance-style oil painting and traditional Chinese watercolour,

the artists grapple with questions of good and evil, divinity and the true meaning of life.

New York resident professor Zhang Kunlun, whose paintings and sculptures have appeared in

Who’s Who in the World, brought together the collective of diverse artists following his

detention as a prisoner of conscience in China for his practice of Falun Gong – an ancient

Chinese tradition of meditation and self-improvement. United in their shared beliefs, the artists

express both the beauty of living a spiritual life and the grim realities of persecution, ultimately

leaving viewers with a sense of hope.

An inspiring exhibition not to be missed.


For further press information please contact

Joy Felix on 07946 591198; email


Yukari Werrell on 07580 361962; email

The Art of Zhen Shan Ren (UK) Registered Charity Number: 1141994

Presented in conjunction with the Falun Dafa Association (UK)

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Meet the Artists (7 min DVD)

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Biographies of selected artists

Kunlun Zhang

A prisoner of conscience in China in 2001, Kunlun Zhang is one of contemporary China’s most

accomplished sculptors. Zhang is a graduate of the Sculpture Department of the Art Institute of

China, and alongside sculpture he specialises in oil painting and Chinese painting. Zhang has

served as Director of the Sculpture Institute of the Shandong Art Institute, as well as Director of

its Sculpture Research Institute. Zhang has exhibited in China and worldwide and has received

many awards. He is listed in ‘Who’s Who in the World’, ‘The Encyclopaedia of Outstanding

Chinese’, ‘Collected Works of the World’s Sculpture’ and other publications.

Xiaoping Chen

Born in China, Michelle Xiaoping Chen is an accomplished painter and has lived in Canada for

the last several years. She studied watercolour and ceramics at the University of Mariana and has

shown her work in private exhibitions. Her work has been reproduced in a variety of media,

including in art calendars, book illustrations and book covers. Having received many awards in

China, in 1998 Chen was named as “Outstanding Artist” by the governor of the Commonwealth

of the Northern Mariana Islands. Chen was the Gold prize-winner of the NTDTV Chinese

International Figure Painting Competition in 2009.

Xiqiang Dong

Xiqiang Dong is an accomplished painter with degrees from the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts

and the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Formerly Professor and the resident artist at

the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts he was also an artist at China’s Central Institute of Fine Art.

Dong has received many awards for his work, winning the highest honours at the prestigious

National Arts Gallery in China in 1993.

Kathleen Gillis

Kathleen Gillis is an artist and art teacher with a degree from the University of Ottawa. She has

shown her work in a number of commercial and public galleries, art centres, and alternative

spaces in Canada and abroad. Gillis has received grants and awards at regional, provincial and

national level and her works form a part of art collections at Canada Council Art Bank, City of

Ottawa, Carleton University and at University of Ottawa. Her work has been exhibited as

installations, land art, and large-scale paintings.