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May 2nd - May 10th

Private View May 1st

6pm til 9pm

Mike Hookey

Beka Smith

The Paul Mc Pherson Gallery

22 Lassell Street, Greenwich

SE10 9PJ

020 8260 2990

Please check website for opening times

Showcasing fine art portraiture, bespoke furniture & other work

Mike first encountered Beka on the walk to school. Little did they know this would be the start of a lasting

relationship, not only shaping them as individuals but also inspiring a future of creativity and artistic collabora-


Sitting on a park bench on school lunch breaks they used to day dream about their future and here the name

‘Hooked and Smitten was created. It seems a fitting title to showcase their combined work especially as they are

getting married later in the year.

This exhibition provides an opportunity to experience how both artists utilise and combine their talents incorpo-

rating works in 2 and 3 dimensions.

It will feature fine art, portraiture and figurative graphic illustration; alongside cabinet making, furniture and

design led products.

Beka studied fine art in Bristol, moving on to become senior designer and illustrator for a design company in the

iconic Oxo Tower.

After success in the BP Portrait Awards she followed her ambition in developing a career as a portrait artist.

Her paintings have been incorporated in to a number of publications, including '500 Portraits' by Sandy Nairne,

Director of The National Portrait Gallery.

Her work also features in esteemed public collections including Cambridge Colleges, The Society of Antiquaries

and The British Academy.

After holding several portrait based exhibitions, Beka made a conscious decision to diversify her work and start-

ed developing new ideas and techniques. These include her innovative concept of artwork that literally 'Turns

the Corner’ which became the name of a distinctive and exciting show at the Paul McPherson Gallery, Greenwich

in 2012 where this show is to be held.

Mike comes from a well established family background in engineering.

The knowledge and skills imparted to him are evident in the high specification and technicality of his work. By

the age of 18, Mike had his own workshop and was already in business. He later gained experience doing onsite

renovations and refurbishments and later went to work for a long established firm making furniture where he

stayed for several years.

Mike has the advantage of a broad range of skills as well as his keen eye for detail, enabling him to design and

build virtually anything to a meticulously high standard.

The combination of these artists with their distinctive practices turn the ordinary in to the extraordinary.

'Hooked and Smitten' will explore the unique range of skills and interests of both artists and most interestingly

how their works not only compliment but also inspire each other.