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Art Galleries Europe

18 Maddox Street, Mayfair, London W1S 1PL

Opens Monday 17th March Closes Saturday 22nd March

Opening times: 11.00 18.00 Monday to Saturday

Private View: Tuesday 18th March 18.00 22.00

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France Courpotin was born in the French village of Mazamet, in the South West of

France. She has been influenced since a very early age by the vivid colours of her

place of origin.

The light of Provence, where she has been living for many years, is a constant

source of inspiration. Her paintings reflect her passion for many forms of

expression, such as dancing, which she has been practicing since she was a child.

France says, of her paintings -

"Each one of us is a kaleidoscope, always in motion.

The idea of the kaleidoscope was born from the fascination that I have with the

complexity of human identity.

The known or unknown roots define each individual's DNA whether we like it or not.

The beautiful and ugly thing, secrets, untold stories, each fragment of our history,

constitutes our kaleidoscope. Pushing away some fragments would to deny a whole

facet of oneself. Ideally one would want to comprehend and accept oneself in order

to move forward.

I impart movement to the images in my paintings because, as individuals tend to

deny certain aspects of themselves, to forget, to subsume unwanted facets, they

expose themselves to an amplifying boomerang effect. It is not because one forgets

but because one recognizes and accepts that all the facets combine and eventually

form an image that truly represents the self.”

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