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This is visual art created by people with

Down syndrome. An exhibition thats

beautifully different, emotive, complex

and inspired.

Showcasing an international collective of artists, including British surreal

line drawer, Lester Magoogan and American artist John P. Kelting. Johns

work is in the collections of former governor of California,

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Included within the exhibition and making worldwide headlines is

a wonderful limited edition print of Rupert Flying Over The Clifton

Suspension Bridge’. In June last year the original painting by Tazia

Fawley, was accepted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as

a gift for Prince George Nursery.

Help us bring international awareness to the talents of these artists

during Down Syndrome Awareness Week. See how a condition such
as Down syndrome actually creates exciting new perspectives and often

strikingly original insights.

For more information contact:

Suzie Moffat, Director of Heart & Sold on +44 (0) 79070 230 366.

Thank you.

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