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Robin Richmond

On Solitary Fields

6-29th March 2014

Private View: Wednesday 5th March 2014 from 6-8pm

Artist Talk: Tuesday 18th March at 7pm


“Robin Richmond is one of the finest painters working in Britain today”

Art Review

“Robin Richmond has surely found herself a secure space within the upper echelons of the

present incarnation of British Landscape painting”

Julian Freeman, British Art Journal

Robin Richmond’s work has always been about the physical act of remembering. Her

landscapes appear as if glimpsed fleetingly, like mirages with only trace elements of the

reality behind seeping through. Swathes of layered colour allude to sky or soil, creating

atmospheric, half remembered impressions of horizons, lakes and fields. All are definite

places in the world; each painting is precisely titled as an existing location, however we view

them as if through a veil or a dream.

1The Heather Blazing, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 100 x 100cm



Although produced from numerous studies made in nature, these paintings attempt to evoke

a sense of place rather than making a literal transcription of a particular environment. They

tread a delicate balance between figuration and abstraction, as much recalling an emotional

response to the landscape as its factual contours.

The majority of her current works

are inspired by French, Sicilian and

Italian landscapes. Amongst these

are the characteristic skies and

textured grounds which are

recognisable as archetypal

depictions of locations in these

countries. Many of the works in this

show are made from an isolated

studio in South-West France, next to

the forested Lake Rouffiac (left)

which so often appears as a subject

in her paintings.

The title of the show, On Solitary

Fields is taken from A Light Exists in

Spring a much loved poem by Emily

Dickinson describing Dickinsons

almost religious experience of nature,

specifically in relation to a particular

quality of light experienced in Spring.

When alone in nature Robin Richmond

too is touched briefly by this light

whilst in “solitary fields”, a transient

experience which she attempts to

encapsulate in her paintings.

Robin Richmond lives and works in London and South-West France. She is the author of 7

books and is a regular contributor to numerous arts journals. She has work in a number of

museum collections, as well as many private and corporate collections. She attained both her

Fine Art BA and her MA in Art History at Chelsea School of Art. She has been a fellow and

Artist in Residence at Yale University, USA since 2003. Last year her work was the subject of

a major retrospective at the Château DExcideuil.

For more information, including the exhibition catalogue, contact Robin Spalding

on 020 7323 4700 or

2Shadows Hold Their Breath, Reflection, Lake Rouffiac, France, Autumn, 2012, acrylic on canvas, 102 x 152cm
3Agrigento, Sicily, 2013, acrylic and lava sand on canvas, 66 x 82cm