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Watercolours: new work ‘….just as it is…’

1st to 30th March, 2014

Exhibition open every day 10am to 5pm

Born 1956 in Chelmsford in Essex of Polish parents; Wladyslaw Mirecki (Waj) obtained a science

degree in the mid 1970’s and after twists and turns in the design world he returned to the

countryside to pursue his natural gifts in painting.

Eventually he found himself in a Man Power Services team, renovating the railway museum in the

village of Chappel in Essex, trains and railways being a lifelong passion. It was in Chappel, 1986 that

he met Edna Battye who had set up an art gallery in the village and Waj became co-proprietor of

Chappel Galleries.

As well as helping run the gallery, Waj has exhibited his own work around London, winning prizes in

national open competitions, and abroad, including his large solo show in the Jiangsu Provincial Art

Gallery, China, 1999. Now at last painting full time, this is his fourth solo show in the last four years,

in London and Chappel Galleries.

Mirecki works in watercolour; it has been said, with the atmosphere of Constable and the detail of

Pre Raphaelite paintings. His countryside and coastal scenes are full of big skies (something he finds

a challenge) and the hidden secrets of common trees and foliage. What makes his paintings

uniquely his own and springing from his affection for the industrial are those inclusions of man-made

objects which appear in so many landscapes, ‘just as it is’, they all become part of the poetry of his


After years painting from a pin point position on site, Waj changed to working in the studio, where

he can give more attention to detail, composition and when the painting demands, working wider

and bigger. Since his last exhibition at Chappel Galleries, eighteen months ago, Waj has painted 35

watercolours. He is a dedicated and prolific painter.