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Press Release:

David Storey announces Solo Exhibition: April 9th to 17th May 2014.

David Storey will be opening his solo exhibition ‘Heart and Soul’ on

Wednesday April 9th at the Thomas and Paul gallery in London.

Private view 6-9pm.

Work on show will include Davids painting The Conversation’

which was recently chosen by the singers from The Beautiful South’,

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott, as the featured artwork for their

new album 'What have we become? '

The Conversation, Oil on board, by David Storey.

David Storey is an artist who treats the past as a hunting ground for his work.

Making use of found images - be it a picture from a newspaper, a family

snapshot, or a TV still - he searches out source material that can initiate what

he refers to as a journey of development and discovery. Starting from an image

that for some reason resonates with his psyche, perhaps at a subconscious level,

the journey into paint leads to a metamorphosis where the completed work

exhibits varying degrees of likeness to the original source, but where what is

emphasized is the hazy frequency of characters existing in memory and time,

blurring the lines between what has passed and what is now.

For the viewer, the effect of Storey’s work is to constantly play with our sense

of time. In some paintings, we see an environment and setting that we might

feel at home in as adults today. In others, we recognize extracts from our

childhood, or perhaps the childhoods of our parents and grandparents; the

identity-forming frozen in our collective records of family photographs.

Elsewhere, though, Storey dips into a deeper world of ancestors, the style of

dress less modern, faces less defined, the memory of those people more

decayed. As he engages with these shifting eras, so different aspects and

influences of art history come to bear, from the atmospheric realism of Edward

Hopper, through 19th century art and back as far as the Baroque grandeur of



Storey is a recent Threadneedle Art Prize finalist, and his work ‘The Blue

Room’ featured on BB2 'Show me the Monet'. He is also responsible for

creating the designs fro the cult record label - 2tone Records. This created a

musical movement for bands like Madness & The Specials AKA.


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